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About the book, Silent Voices of World War II: When Sons of the Land of Enchantment Met Sons of the Land of the Rising Sun:

At last, a compelling, highly readable summary of New Mexico’s greatest contributions to World War II, often in the words of the very New Mexicans who lived it.

       —Richard Melzer, author of
          Breakdown: How the Secret of the Atomic Bomb Was Stolen During World War II

Nancy is wonderful and was very prepared. She worked very hard to put this together and the students loved her!

       —A Teacher’s comments
          Program Title—8:45a.m.: Silent Voices of World War II
          NMHC Chautauqua Seminar, April 15, 2015
          Amy Biehl High School
          Albuquerque, NM

We are so thankful for the NM Humanities Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs because without them, it may not have been possible to have Nancy come and speak to our students!

She is a gem of knowledge about important history that is so vital to New Mexico!

       —A Teacher’s comments
          Program Title—8:45a.m.: Silent Voices of World War II
          NMHC Chautauqua Seminar, April 14, 2015
          Amy Biehl High School
          Albuquerque, NM

Nancy has an impressive Powerpoint and brought in some cool items to show/pass around, with informative handouts! She was a wonderful speaker and the students appreciated the information.

       —A Teacher’s comments
          Program Title—10:15a.m.: Silent Voices of World War II
          NMHC Chautauqua Seminar, April 14, 2015
          Amy Biehl High School
          Albuquerque, NM

Students of history and those curious about the critical events that shaped the outcome of World War II are in for a treat when they turn the pages of SILENT VOICES OF WORLD WAR II: When Sons of the land of Enchantment met Sons of the Land of the Rising Sun. Authors Everett Rogers and Nancy Bartlit have painstakingly crafted a fascinating and well-researched account of the vital role New Mexicans played in the second great conflict of the 20th century. Riveting the accounts of the Bataan Death March, the Navajo Code Talkers experiences, Japanese American Internment Camp operations and unique insights from the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project combine to make this scholarly work a must read.

Thank you for keeping the history of the brave Soldiers, Marines and Airmen of New Mexico alive. Combat is not pleasant. These heroes deserve praise and your words help keep their memory alive.

       —Mike Wismer
          Member of the Los Alamos County Council
          Major, USAF Retired Operation Desert Storm Veteran

Of all the World War II histories I've read, this is the most balanced.

       —Larry Kreyer
          Vietnam Vet old enough to have fought in the Korean War

Although I have read many books dealing with the World War II years, Silent Voices by Nancy Bartlit and Everett M. Rogers stands alone. It is outstanding for many reasons including its readability, depth of knowledge, and organization. But primarily a book of this subject matter is rarely found that gives such a comprehensive, knowledgeable, fair, and sensitive view of the opposing participants in the War..

I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in knowing the truth about important historical events.

       —Ruth Sherman
          Docent, Los Alamos Historical Society

Nancy Bartlit is an engaging and entertaining speaker and scholar...a combination highly unusual in the academic world. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any groups wanting a lively, educational experience.

       —Carole Schroeder
          History Department, Boise State University

Silent Voices succeeds on two fronts-as solid history and as a collection of vignettes about real people whose actions changed the course of history.... This book ought to be required reading for American and New Mexican history classes throughout the State.

       —Anne Hillerman
Journal Santa Fe

World War II brought many technological and social changes to New Mexico. Each year we learn more about the innovations and intrigues that took place in New Mexico during this era of our history. Everett M. Rogers's and Nancy R. Barlit's book, Silent Voices of World War II; When Sons of the Land of Enchantment Met Sons of the Land of the Rising Sun is a study of intercultural communication. Their engaging oral history examines the mutual cultural misunderstandings, the prejudice and ensuing tragedies that resulted when New Mexicans and Japanese people met on the field of battle and in prisoner of war camps in New Mexico and the Far East. Roger's and Bartlit's message is timely and relevant.

       —Frances Levine, Ph.D., Director
Palace of the Governors, The New Mexico History Museum
Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

Silent Voices works very well in our NM History class. I believe that all of the teachers have their students read it. I have my students read the entire thing. I would highly recommend it for a NM class.

       —Christine Marcotte, history teacher
Los Alamos

Nancy, thank you for such a most excellent presentation! We so appreciate all the time and energy you put into this presenataion.

       —Jane Everhorn, director
WUULF Conference in Ghost Ranch, NM

Bartlit and Rogers have presented a well-documented, easy-to-read book, Silent Voices of World War II. The book includes a portrayal of the brave soldiers of the New Mexico National Guard, the internment of Japanese Americans, the invaluable contributions of the Navajo Code Talkers and the development of the atomic bombs (Manhattan Project) in Los Alamos. An excellent read for any historian or WWII buff!

       —Carol S. Underwood, Ed.D.
East Stroudsberg University

It's great that you are considering a follow-up program to your wonderful presentation on the little known and controversial Santa Fe Japanese American Internment Camp. I am sure that whichever aspect of the topic of internment you and the Program Director decide upon will be of great interest to many people.

Internment is a very important topic and I believe people would like to know more about it, especially from your fair and sensitive perspective and depth of understanding.

       —Roseanna Andrade
Journey Santa Fe

Nancy Bartlit's book about New Mexico's involvement in World War II, "Silent Voices of War II," brings history to life in a way that rarely happens when history is taught in schools. I had recently moved to Santa Fe when I came across the book, and reading it made me feel more a part of this state.

       —Phyllis Wahl