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How New Mexico’s distinct cultures helped end World War II...

Nancy Bartlit’s years of living in Los Alamos, New Mexico, as well as teaching and traveling in Japan, inspires her investigation of cultures in The Land of Enchantment and the Land of The Rising Sun. Her experiences, networks, and observations provide a unique link between the two countries.alt

Japan and the United States have been allies for more than a century, except for the almost four years when they were at war. Through her book and lectures, she illustrates how the varied cultures found in New Mexico were used to defeat the military of Imperial Japan. An historian and international communicator by training, she demonstrates how New Mexico helped to shorten the war in the Pacific.

Silent Voices of World War II: When Sons of the Land of Enchantment Met Sons of the Land of the Rising Sun “focuses on issues of intercultural communications,” the insurmountable challenges that grew “at the end of a weapon or through the barbed wire of a prisoner stockade.”

Through scores of personal interviews, Bartlit and her late co-author Everett M. Rogers, PhD, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico, examine how veterans and civilians were treated during World War II.